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25 September 2023 @ 11:23 pm

I don't mind my friends knowing whats up in my life...but I don't want strangers or stalkers to know.

If we have a common interest like in manga, korean pop, japanese pop, anime, asian dramas and etc, just say that in the comment as you add me. X3
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14 December 2022 @ 03:32 am
Bored, so I created my own ITouch with personal favorites. XD I was thinking of choosing the Nano Ipod, but choose this since it plays videos from youtube. o(^-^)o

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

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30 August 2007 @ 01:03 pm

Ok, first thing is yes i'm going to give LiveJournal another try again. Since my two best friends uses this alot and now are away dorming in college. I figured i might as well use it to keep in contact with them.

I still have to do a few adjustments on my profile and background, i'm getting the hang of using this. But for now, i'm using one of my pics of my favorite korean actor and model, Lee JunKi for both my background and user pic. XD he's gorgeous as ever!!! love him in his new korean drama Time of Dog and Wolf.

So far, nothing big happen to me in Adelphi. As a commuter i just have to wake up more earlier and get to classes before it begins. XD I can't be late for them or else the professor will hate me.

I should but i haven't started reading the books yet and i'm going to crazy since i'm taking both biolog y and chemistry at the same time!!

I'm still waiting to move into my room, yet my parents are taking their time with things so i'm going crazy with my things as a mess cause i don't to fix it then mess it as i move into the room. So i have to be patience which is stressing me out. 

Oher than that i'm starting to get used to Adelphi and having to walk to different buildings for different classes.

This is probably going to be a long blog now since i'm just jabbering random things.

Damn... i'm just waiting for next class at 1:40 pm which is japanese (<3 if only they had korean class also) so i'm just typing away as much as i can till 1:30 pm.

I've made friends especially on facebook in Adelphi, but rite now i'm hanging out in the library with a friend whose in the same japanese class as me and is also into anime. She very nice and has a twin sister too, so their very cute which make me want to hug everytime i see them both together.

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31 October 2005 @ 10:32 pm
Today I did my first Boy to Boy RP with my friend Julie during Chem today. It was better than watching a sad depressing movie, Lorenzo's Oil. It was getting more and more sad by the minute. I had fun tho.

Today is Halloween! Today was an extremely busy day for me. I had so much things to do, and rite after school, I had to set up the FCCLA booth for the Halloween Party. Our booth was the Bean Bag Toss! It was so cute to see elementary kids in adorable costumes. I had a great time with my friends. When we had enough spared time, we went to Spanish Club Booth to play twister. I got some candy and some kicks out of this party, but it was really tiring there as well. But everything went out okay.
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29 October 2005 @ 06:45 pm
Wow, this is the first time I tried this and I never had a Livejournal before. I'm more of a MySpace person. I prefer Myspace better cause I meet more friends there, and I will admit that I'm bias to try this, but since my friend Jubei-chan made this for me, I might as well do this. Lets see, My name is Theodora Young. My birthday is September 9, 1989 and I'm a Virgo. I'm 16 years old and I'm a Junior in New Hyde Park Memorial High School. And I can go on and on about me and my personal life but that would turn boring. For today, i woke up really late at 5:00 p.m (but it felt good). And now I'm on the computer, (of course!), waiting for my downloads to finish. Well thats it for now. I'll probably come back here to write about something better in my life. Whatever. Bye!
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